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Mevepa srl ​​was founded in 1997 in Tornareccio initially positioning itself in the moulding and welding sectors. It soon became a reference point in the market, by choosing to face a new challenge, to believe in its potential growth and invest in research and development. The company moved to the industrial area of ​​Val di Sangro, increasing its productive resources, acquiring new plants and equipment, with the goal to venture in new market segments and offer a growing range and complete solutions to its customers.

Mevepa identity


Research, efficiency, quality, analytical skills and great attention to customer needs. These truths are our underlying philosophy. “Mevepa does not only want to be a supplier, but a real partner, a fundamental support for achieving its customer goals. “


Mevepa complies with all applicable safety and environmental regulations, to ensure employees safety while at work and reduce the environmental impacts of production processes.


We put our expertise to work for you. Our management plan is specifically catered to each individual client’s needs. We will take care of every stage of the production process, from design analysis to performance product.


Mevepa currently operates two plants, a 8,000-square-meters, all covered, containing administrative, sale, technical and production departments.

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We have been working in this field for over 20 years, always aiming for continuous improvement of our production process.

We believe in constant update. By using the latest technologies, tested equipment and specialized software, you are getting the best possible results.

We do not impose our approach, we engage in competitive analysis and experience to offer a range of customizable products.

The efficiency of our management system and the quality of our production are certified by official authorities.

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