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Moulds and Controlling


We design and manufacture moulds for punching and stamping metal small and medium parts for motorcycle, automotive, agriculture, furniture, accessories for construction and many more industries. Our strength lies in the synergy between two departments, mould production and moulding. Over the years, specialized staff and advanced technologies have allowed increasing high market competitiveness.



frecciaPilot moulds: moulds for large series production, with a careful attention to the simulation phase and prior to the definition phase of sheet absorption.

frecciaManual casting moulds: Moulds for short and medium series production. The focus is on optimizing the lifecycle and on finding cheap solutions, respecting the right correlation between product price and equipment cost.

frecciaChecking fixtures: Equipment for production control and metrology room.

frecciaRobotic welding helmets: Versatile equipment for automatic assembly of components. We are able to provide optimal solutions for all types of production, both highly automated and low production cycles.

frecciaTools Prototyping: We take care of the prototyping phase for a 360-degree customer view. We are able to study production cycles, which optimize the cost of equipment and guarantee a quality feedback quickly at the same time.

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A multi-skilled and technical staff works in our Tooling Department. They can design and prepare stamping dies for moulding, control jig and welding masks.

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