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Sheet Metal Production and Stamping


Mevepa specializes in the field of metalworking and metal sheets for moulds manufacturing. We are equipped to meet your needs and offer the support needed.

Thanks to 3D Design and CAD/CAM Design Software we are able to simulate the processing stages with the most appropriate equipment for the project, and plan the best CNC machines, achieving a total work pieces control, a complete time and stages management with the maximum precision.

Our company is able to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle: from design of the finished article (or prototype) to the simulation of all stages, from moulds production to all possible auxiliary equipment that single products need, from prototype design to final product industrialization.

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Cold forming process is turning sheet metal in flat pieces or coiled strips into 3D solid models from machinery and moulds, with a proper relationship between cross-sectional area and depth cut.
Transformation process of the used materials allows obtaining objects with concave or convex surface, perfect in every detail. It prevents possible problems linked to temperature increase produced during the course of the process. The process includes activities of deformation such as: blanking, bending, tapping, drawing.
We use variable speed hydraulic presses, with specific and high quality custom moulds.

In order to obtain the desired shape, the whole machining process requires three different stages:



frecciaDirect extrusion (free or contained)


frecciaTrimming or shearing

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